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Version: 2.1.2-training (4) Update: Feb 24, 2023
Developer: NRLM-MoRD Category: Tools
Google Play ID: com.microware.cdfi.training Installs: 100,000+

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LokOS is an all-in-one ERP solution designed specifically for financial intermediation of SHGs. With LokOS, you can streamline your organization's financial management and empower your team to do their best work.


- Capture Important Documents: LokOS allows you to upload and store important documents, such as resolutions, in PDF format along with photos of members.

- Meeting Management: The app provides tools for managing federation and SHG meetings, making it easy to coordinate and communicate with members.

- Loan Management: LokOS has a comprehensive loan management system that simplifies the loan process and reduces the time it takes to disburse loans.

- Empowerment Evaluation: The app offers empowerment evaluation tools for impact assessment to help your organization grow and improve.

- Employee Performance Management: With LokOS, you can easily track and manage employee performance, ensuring that your team is performing at its best.

- Customized Capacity Building: LokOS offers customized capacity building planning for SHGs, helping your organization to build capacity and grow.

- Document Repository: The app includes a document repository where you can store and access important IDs and address proofs.


- Integrated Accounting and MIS: LokOS integrates accounting and MIS platforms, giving you a comprehensive view of your organization's financial health.

- Reduced TAT: LokOS reduces the time it takes to disburse loans, enabling your organization to operate more efficiently.

- Efficient Repayment Management: LokOS makes it easy to manage loan repayments for federation loans, reducing the risk of default.

- All-in-One Solution: LokOS eliminates the need for multiple software solutions, simplifying HR and capacity building functions.

- With LokOS, you can take your organization to the next level. Try it today and see the difference it can make!


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