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Version: 1.1.8 (19) Update: May 7, 2023
Developer: Waayu Category: Food & Drink
Google Play ID: com.waayu.customer Installs:10,000+

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WAAYU is a trendy and innovative food delivery app that makes ordering your favorite meals from your favorite restaurants as easy as a few taps on your phone.

With a variety of cuisines and menu options to choose from, you'll never run out of options for your next meal. Here are some of the features that make WAAYU App the best food delivery app in the market today.

Guaranteed Best Prices

One of the biggest advantages of using WAAYU App, it is offering the best prices for our restaurant and food chain options in Mumbai. They understand the value of your money, and we believe that you should never have to pay more than you need to for a delicious meal.

Access to Renowned Restaurants and Food Chains

With WAAYU, you get access to a wide range of restaurants and food chains that are renowned for their quality and standards. They only partner with the best restaurants in the city, so you can be assured of getting top-notch food every time you order from us.

Hygiene and Safety Prioritized

WAAYU App, Can understand that hygiene and safety are of utmost importance when it comes to food delivery. That's why they take all necessary precautions to ensure that your food is prepared and delivered safely. They work closely with our partner restaurants to ensure that all hygiene and safety standards are met.

Exclusive Deals and Cashback Opportunities

Waayu App want to make your food delivery experience even more delightful, which is why they offer exclusive deals and cashback opportunities to our customers. Keep an eye out for their daily deals and offers to get the best value for your money.

Direct Connection with Restaurants and Delivery Staff

With WAAYU App, you can easily connect directly with their restaurants and delivery staff. This means that you can get in touch with them if you have any special requests or if you need any assistance with your order. Waayu App believe that direct communication is the key to a seamless food delivery experience.

Wide Variety of Food Options

Whether you're in the mood for Chinese, Indian, Italian, or any other cuisine, WAAYU has got you covered. They offer a wide variety of food options to suit any preference, and our menu is constantly updated to bring you the latest and greatest in food trends.

Unparalleled Customer Experience and Support

WAAYU believe that customer satisfaction should be their top priority. That's why they offer unparalleled customer experience and support to all their users. Whether you have a question about your order or need assistance with anything else, their dedicated support team is always ready to help.

Secure Payment Options

With WAAYU App, you can pay for your order securely through the app. They use the latest encryption technology to ensure that your payment information is safe and secure. You can pay using a variety of options, including credit/debit cards, net banking, and mobile wallets.

Track Your Order in Real-Time

With WAAYU, you can track your order in real-time as it makes its way to you. This means that you'll know exactly when to expect your food, and you can plan your day accordingly. You can also track the delivery person's location and contact them directly if needed.

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